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Whether featured in a glossy magazine or the classic newspapers, below you find a list of press articles about the exclusive Christine Stegmann Dating Service.


The “non digital way” to a date

Still relevant despite “Tinder” and “Parship”: the Matchmaker helping to find – completely analogue – the partner of your dreams. Their promise: personal counseling and discretion.


Why is it worth it to let love just happen – We are discussing questions about why we are in pursuit of love, what love can endure and who or what is the love of our live. We are looking forward to a very interesting evening! 


“The search for the ideal partner doesn’t succeed at the touch of a button.”

KIR München spring 01/2018

Dating agency owner Christine Stegmann explains how differently men and women are dealing with dating


Munich’s longest dating matchmaker has handed over her previous clients to a younger one. The two explain why domes on the classic tour still work – and why a single meeting is not enough.

feine Adressen

Closeness, security, warmth – all things that each of us wants. For many, this seems unattainable even after a long search. But this is not true, as »feine adressen – finest« was told in conversation with Christine Stegmann, founder of the exclusive partner agency Christine Stegmann.


In conversation with the founder of the exclusive dating agency Christine Stegmann, we discovered why the search for proximity and security does not have to be unsuccessful.

KIR München

Christine Stegmann is Germany’s youngest matchmaker. Discreet, personal and exclusive she assists in the search for the partner of your dreams.

feine adressen

Closeness, comfort and warmth – things that each of us desire. For many these seems unattainable even after a long search. But that is not the case, as »feine Adressen – finest« found out in conversation with Christine Stegmann, founder of the exclusive partner agency of the same.


1 profession, 3 generations

Our world is changing at a rapid pace – that is also evident in the work environment. In this series, three women of different age reflect on their profession. This time: Partner agencies.


The world is full of fascinating, interesting and endearing people searching for a partner, for that special man or woman to share their life with. But where should you look? How can you find them? This is particularly true today, when everything is on the table and we are tempted not to settle for one option alone.


Between work and personal responsibilities, there is often little time to search for the right partner. Christine Stegmann manages her exclusive dating service in Munich and knows first-hand how difficult it can be to find one’s life partner.


Searching for the right partner can often be a frustrating endeavor. Online databases promise much, yet most of them deliver quite little. At her exclusive dating service in Munich, Christine Stegmann pursues alternative and unconventional methods. With success.

München Süd | München City

In the era of online and speed dating, it has not actually become easier to get to know someone you will spend the rest of your life with. How can you meet a sophisticated partner in Munich, who shares your same wavelength, when there is hardly any time to squeeze in between work and leisure? MünchenSüd posed these questions to Christine Stegmann, who runs an exclusive dating service in Munich.