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We also offer coaching sessions, independent whether you are a client of the partner agency or not.

We offer personal coaching offline as well as online, via webcam, chat or email.

Thanks to many years of training, experience in coaching and studies in corporate psychology we can offer optimal support. We always strive to achieve your goals together through professionalism and empathy.

Only together we are strong.

People are shaped by their personal experiences. These create behavioral patterns and new living circumstances, which may prevent you from charting a new course.

Such circumstances could be:

  • Heartache
  • Loneliness
  • Isolation
  • Separation
  • Divorce
  • Starling a new phase in your life
  • Setting new goals, be it personal or professional
  • Reflecting on past years
  • Dealing with traumatic experiences
  • Making plans for the future

Often unconscious behavioral patterns influence relationships, work life and life in general. Often these patterns stand in the way of new relationships, the interaction with colleagues and family and, most of all, your personal happiness. You get so trapped in a particular way of thinking that you are no longer able to identify the right partner or the right course of action and that you come to realize that you always choose the same type of partner and that it never works out.

Through our coaching we help you to identify such patterns, break them and to replace them with new ones. This is not a question of right or wrong. The only question is whether a pattern does support you in reaching your desired goal.

Behavior patterns
individual Solution

What would be more obvious than combining the area of dating and coaching? Independent from the partner agency you can also only choose to be coached by us or use our services in combination. From experience we know that coaching often serves as an accelerator for the partner search. It is your choice.

So we are well experienced in professional coaching. In personal one-on-one sessions we jointly develop new solutions to look for and identify the ideal partner. But we also support you in the areas of couples coachingrelationship coaching and conflict coaching.

We will be happy to develop a personal coaching plan in close collaboration with you. We can assist you in finding a positive outlook with respect to coming events and in bringing structure, satisfaction and joy to your life.



As fashion and style expert, Sonja Grau has decades of experience and accordingly extensive knowledge, which is renowned nationally and internationally. “The art of knowing what to wear requires time, practice and experience” – Sonja Grau excels in these areas and advises you independently from any specific labels and brands. Her focus as personal shopper is to succeed in “accentuating your personality”, which also is an important area to consider when starting a new phase in your life.

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