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we also offer coaching independent from the partner agency

We provide offline as well as Online Coaching via Webcam, Chat or E-Mail.

People are guided by their personal experiences. These result in behavioral patterns and life circumstances that can to some extent prevent you from exploring new paths.

Such circumstances can be:

  • Starting a new phase in life
  • Setting new goals, either in your personal or professional life
  • Reflecting on the past years
  • Working through traumatic experiences
  • Planning for the future

Subconscious behavioral patterns often have significant impact on partnership, relationships, job and life in general. Often these patterns prohibit a new partnership, dealing with colleagues and family and most importantly you own personal happiness. You get caught up in this thinking that you do not recognize the right partner or the right action and often you must recognize that you always favor the same type of partner, and that it always goes wrong.

Our coaching assist you in recognizing those patters, breaking them and replacing them with new ones. In this endeavor there is no right or wrong. The question always is whether the pattern works or not with regards to your targets.

What would be more natural than combining the areas of partner search and coaching? Independent from the partner agency you can simply sign up for one of our coaching or combine both. In our experience coaching often act as important accelerators for your partner search. The choice is yours.

Therefore, professional coaching is part of our DNA. In a personalized solo coaching session, we jointly develop new strategies for searching and finding the right partners. And we can also assist you with couples coaching, relationship coaching and conflict coaching.

We will be happy to develop an individual coaching plan in close consultation with you. We can assist you in getting a positive outlook on the future in certain life situations, in order to maintain structure, satisfactions and joy in your life.




Sonja Grau has many years of experience as fashion and style expert, enjoying national and international recognition. “Knowing what suits you requires time, practice and experience!” Sonja Grau masters this expertly and advises you independent from any specific brands and labels. In her work this personal shopper puts special emphasis on her credo of “accentuating your personality”, which is also of great importance when starting into a new life chapter.