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We also offer coaching appointments, completely independent of whether you are a client of the partner agency.

Coaching sessions can be face-to-face or online via webcam, chat “ Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp or FaceTime

With years of training, coaching experience and postgraduate studies in business psychology, you can be sure that you are in the best hands with us. We always try to reach the desired goal as quickly as possible together through professionalism and empathy.

Only together we are strong.

People are shaped by their personal experiences. Because of this, reaction patterns and new life situations arise, which partly hinder you to go new ways.

Such life situations can be:

  • lovesickness
  • loneliness
  • isolation
  • separation, pain of separation
  • Divorce
  • Starting a new phase of life
  • Setting new goals, whether professional or personal
  • Reflecting on the past years
  • Working through traumatic experiences
  • Make plans for the future
  • Fears
Often subconscious behavioral patterns have a strong influence on partnership, relationship, work and life in general. Often these behaviors hinder a new partnership, dealing with colleagues and family, and most importantly, one’s own satisfaction. You can be so caught up in this way of thinking that you don’t recognize the right person and often find that you always prefer the same type of partner, and it goes wrong every time.
In coaching we support you in recognizing such patterns, breaking them up and replacing them with new ones. There is no wrong or right way. The question is always, does the pattern work or does it not work with regards to the desired goal.
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What could be more obvious than to combine the services of a partner-agency and coaching? Independently of the partner-agency, you can also take advantage of coaching only with us or gladly in combination. From our experience we know that coaching often acts as an accelerator in the search for a partner. You have the choice.

That is why professional coaching is not a foreign word here. In an individual one-on-one coaching session, we work together to develop new solutions for searching and finding the ideal partner. However, we will support you independently in matters of couples-coaching, relationship-coaching and conflict-coaching.

We will be happy to put together an individual coaching plan for you in close consultation with you. We can help you to regain a positive view of what is to come in certain life situations, to bring structure, satisfaction, and joy back into your life.

Do you have any questions about Coaching by Christine Stegmann? Inform yourself at any time free of charge and without obligation or arrange your first, individual coaching appointment / consultation today.

You are welcome to use our contact form on the homepage or just call us.


Individual coaching with flirting-expert Christine Stegmann

We do not know what experiences you have already had in terms of flirting and dating.

You may have already experienced successful moments, or maybe just disappointments. But as we all know, continuing your education has never hurt anyone.

Generally in life, whether in sports or with respect to women – mistakes happen. Whether you are an expert in your field or a novice, everyone will come to the point where they are treading water – but this part is called development.

Sometimes you are too fast or too slow – and then you have missed the desired goal.

It’s much the same with seduction. Not only with professional or sports deficits one can look for help, also in flirting a coach can help. We show you how to take the right steps at the right time. Steps that are individually tailored to you – whether you are an expert or a novice.

Because to overcome hurdles, outside help is often the most effective. Only, what awaits you afterwards?

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Imagine you are trying a new sport. You get a coach, you succeed – but shortly afterwards you leave your coach because you think you can do it just as well on your own. What do you think are the consequences of this? you have made a different decision?

Imagine you book an individual flirt-coaching with us and we show you in an intensive individual support how to flirt successfully. You manage to convince the ladies of you and then?

  • How do I act on a date?
  • What are no-go’s during first meetings?
  • How do I make myself interesting and stay that way?
  • How can I establish natural communication – before, during and after the date?
  • Where do I want my dates to take place?
  • How do I possibly get intimate later without seeming pushy?

We are happy to help you and show you in small steps how you can achieve exactly your goals.

There are not only many questions, but also wishes and goals that one would like to achieve with the help of a flirt coach, such as: finding a partner, possibly winning back your ex-girlfriend, maybe just being successful with women, having the courage to talk directly to women, improving your communication skills with women and much more. You decide what is important for you as the content of a coaching session.

Flirt-Coaching by Christine Stegmann can help you to achieve your desires regarding women and dating more successfully. We also help you to break through your blocks and improve your self-worth and know-how for starting a healthy relationship. Contact us today and make your first appointment.

Do you still have questions about Flirt-Coaching by Christine Stegmann? Inform yourself at any time free of charge and without obligation or arrange your first, individual flirt coaching appointment today.

You are more than welcome to use our contact form on the homepage or just call us.

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„Quantum Light Breath®“ is a type of meditation using a specific breathing technique developed by the Californian mystic Jeru Kabal, based on the world-renowned Vipassana meditation. Using these breathing exercises, which should be practiced before a meal, you can remove physical and psychological blockages within a short period of time. Contrary to therapies that need to be done over a long period of time, this type of breathing meditation therapy is short-term and intense, often leading to the intended results much quicker. It can also have a highly energizing effect through alternating phases of long, deep breaths and faster and slower breathing. This breathing technique is particularly suited for people who wish to break inner restrictions and to find more inner harmony, who seek more energy but also want to face their fears and longings. Christine Stegmann will support the conscious breathing according to the original sound recording and its tailor-made music method by Jeru Kabal and always serves as a personal coach during the process.

The three-session course for adults takes place either in our offices at Goethestrasse or at Seeshaupt. The one and a half- or two-hour long session should take place before a meal, accordingly the best times are in the mornings before noon. Single sessions can be booked as well, but experience shows that at least three sessions are required to produce the desired results.

Again, in detail: What is Quantum Light Breath® (QLB)?

Quantum Light Breath® is a one-hour breathing meditation that leads to a cleansing of body, mind and spirit. Following their first QLB experience, many participants report deep insights, creative bursts, a heart opener, greater clarity and real relaxation. The breathing technique, exercised in a seated position and with background music, was developed by mystic Jeru Kabbal based on Vipassana, a 2,500-year-old meditation technique. Quantum Light Breath® accelerates the personal development process by loosening old patterns and blockages in your unconscious and dissolving them through your own breathing. QLB is simple, effective, and leads to surprisingly fast to more clarity and well-being.

Book an appointment for this extraordinary breathing meditation “ you will be surprised by the intensity and depth of the experience!

Book an appointment for this extraordinary breathing meditation “ you will be surprised by the intensity and depth of the experience!

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The goals of QLB:

  • Breath yourself free
  • Cleanse body, mind and spirit
  • Strengthen your self-healing powers
  • Open towards the here and now
  • Free yourself from unhealthy patterns and blockages
  • Let go of fears and tension
  • Transform stress and anger
  • Expand your energy field and your consciousness
  • Open yourself for an experience of ecstasy



As a fashion and style expert, Sonja Grau has decades of experience and thus a valuable wealth of knowledge, which enjoys national as well as international recognition. “The discipline knowing what suits you -“ requires time, practice and experience!- -“ Sonja Grau masters this discipline to the fullest extent and advises freely and independently of brands/labels. In doing so, the personal shopper pays special attention to living up to her credo of -œaccentuating the personality-, to which increased importance should be attached, especially when making a good start in a new phase of life.