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Professional coaching is not a foreign concept to us. On the basis of individual, one-on-one coaching, we work through new suggestions together to search for and find the ideal partner. As a result, we are able to support you in specific life situations to develop a positive attitude towards the future and reintroduce structure into your life.

Such life situations include:

  • You have started a new phase in your life
  • You have set new goals for yourself
  • You are reflecting on the past years
  • You are planning the near future

We would be delighted to create an individual coaching plan for you:

  • 45 minute session
  • Appointments & number of sessions on request
  • €100 per session

Love, fashion and success

Style advice before your date – Sonja Grau

Sonja Grau has many years of experience as fashion and style expert, enjoying national and international recognition. “Knowing what suits you requires time, practice and experience!” Sonja Grau masters this expertly and advises you independent from any specific brands and labels. In her work this personal shopper puts special emphasis on her credo of “accentuating your personality”, which is also of great importance when starting into a new life chapter.