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Even if, after reading through the homepage of the classical dating agency Christine Stegmann, you are now of the opinion that this is not the right way for your partner search after all, then perhaps I can support you on another way. I would like to support you with my years of expertise in online-dating.

How and what should it be? Are you curious? Then feel free to read on.

We decided to extend our classic traditional dating service a bit further, as we wanted to be innovative in light of the developments brought about by the Corona pandemic.

We wanted to create a solution that makes it possible to support people in online dating even in times of social restrictions, such as those currently present due to the Corona pandemic. This offer is of course also aimed to all customers who are not necessarily directly in my referral circle but or coaching file.

Therefore, now offering:
Online-Dating-Profile-Writing-Service IMPROVEMYPROFILE.

Partnervermittlung Partnersuche Christine Stegmann Startseite Bild

Another reason to make this online dating service a reality was that many of my clients who come primarily for consulting or coaching, told me that they have tried online dating without much success and would prefer to quit in frustration. Now, if you read the following testimonials from my clients, you can probably best understand these problems: No matches, no responses or messages from interesting online daters. Or messages only from people they didn’t consider a match. Not to mention those unforgettable disastrous or embarrassing dates. And at some point I said to myself: enough is enough! I want to find a simple method to remedy these problems and to release people from this frustration. So I decided to put all my years of knowledge about dating (both online and offline), dating profile writing (which I have been doing for my clients on a daily basis for years), my varied professional experience as a former headhunter coupled with countless job interviews, and the marketing skills I had already accumulated to good use. My initial goal was to help various existing clients of www.cs-partnervermittlung.com be more successful at flirting and attracting attention using their dating profiles. It didn’t take long for encouraging results to emerge: better dating experiences and higher quality meetings with the kind of people they were looking for. For some, this meant “marriage material,” while for the romantics, it meant finding “the one.” Also, those who were looking for something more casual had more success because I matched them with like-minded people, rather than them having to have awkward conversations or go on dates only to find that their date was looking for something more serious. 

If you are now curious, feel free to visit us at www.improvemyprofile.com
You have nothing to lose, only information to gain.

We look forward to your visit.

Your team from CS-Partnervermittlung and IMPROVE-MY-PROFILE