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7 Ways to Find Inner and True Happiness

Every time we see a gurgling baby or laughing toddler, we are reminded that we are all born with this natural and innate sense of happiness and that this happiness is actually our birthright. We learn what suffering or unhappiness means and the older we get, the more we leave the comfort of home more and face changing circumstances. Happiness is one of the most misunderstood words in our own vocabulary, and yet we spend our entire lives searching for that intangible state of mind. If only I had this or that, if I met the right partner, had a big house, a new car, the job I always wanted, then I would be happy. The ancient spiritual teachings emphasize that happiness is real only when we let go of the pursuit of material and transitory things and discover the lasting joy that is within us.

Here are seven ways to feel happy again and find true happiness:

1. don’t take yourself too seriously.

It’s easy to lose your sense of humor during difficult times like loss or illness, and even easier to get caught up in the negative aspects of what’s happening. Remembering not to take yourself too seriously brings levity and acceptance to the circumstances around you.

2. don’t identify with suffering, loss or illness – recognize who you really are

Many people label themselves and perceive themselves as something that is not YOU, such as cancer survivors, dry addicts, divorcees, widows/ers or whatever. But who are you, that label or identity? When you don’t identify with the negative aspects of your life, you have a chance to present who you really are.

3. it is ok to be who you are, with all your flaws and weaknesses.

You may think that you are imperfect, that sometimes you have lost yourself, and have already passed the best-before date. But true perfection means accepting your own imperfection. It means accepting yourself as you are, with all the aspects you value about yourself, but also with the things you don’t value. In this way, you do not fight with yourself and you do not reject yourself. Because each of us is unique, a ”one of a kind”, but we cannot know this if we turn away from ourselves.

4. make friendship with yourself

Your relationship with yourself is the only one you have for your whole life, and you can be your own best friend or worst enemy. That’s why it’s very important that you don’t put yourself down emotionally or beat yourself up. Just be kind to yourself.

5. feel everything, whatever it may be.

When you are suffering, it is easy to deny or suppress feelings because they become so big and overwhelming. But if you can truly recognize what you are feeling, it will bring you closer to the inner happiness that lies behind the suffering or sadness. It is the greatest gift to acknowledge and befriend your true feelings.

6. Forgive yourself. Love yourself. Appreciate yourself

These are big steps, but each one frees the heart and sets you free. All you have to do is forgive yourself for being angry, upset, and for thinking you did something wrong. All these incidents belong to the past, and who you are in the present is not the person you were then. You can take any guilt or shame by the hand, invite it for tea and open yourself up to forgiving yourself.

7. meditate

There is an overwhelming amount of research showing how meditation changes the circuitry in the part of the brain associated with contentment and happiness, stimulating the “feel good” factor. If you meditate on love and kindness, you become much, much happier! And the only way to find out is to try it, so don’t hesitate.


Can you connect to the place of inner happiness within yourself?

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