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Discretion, Experience, Empathy


Successful people often lack the time and opportunity to meet the person of their dreams by chance. Within our circle of friends, we may spend years with the same people and generally do not find our life’s partner among them. How can you even start searching for a serious partner that is interested in a long-term relationship, someone with class and style?

These days, the internet offers a simple and uncomplicated dating platform to quickly connect and flirt with other singles, for those interested in serious relationships and those who are not. In some cases, this can lead to a stable relationship. In our fast-paced world, this method of relationship-building is attractive to many people. However, in order to find that special person that will accompany you hand in hand through life, you need a bit more than what a computer algorithm can provide in evaluating, proofing and connecting.

Research shows that greater commonalities, such as shared values and living habits significantly reduce the rate of separation and divorce. Our experience in the field of professional dating service confirms this research and we place enormous emphasis on this principle in our work. Moreover, the personal impression of a potential partner plays a major role in our assessment, an aspect that no online dating platform can properly take into account. Today, as innovative and competent assistance in the search for a partner increase in importance, our professional and personal approach becomes ever more valuable.

Our services include:

  • An initial, free personal counseling session
  • Gathering personal information
  • Creation and valuation of your character profile
  • Creation of an individual exposé
  • Presentation of appropriate matches, unlimited in number
  • Personal meeting with potential candidates
  • Follow-up conversation and presentation of additional potential candidates, if required
  • Long-term counseling and advice
  • Professional relationship advice
  • Only clients known personally to us are presented
  • Highest degree of discretion

We connect clients known personally to us and ensure the highest degree of discretion.

This means:

  • Your information cannot be accessed by unknown third parties
  • No online singles databases can access your data
  • Your personal information will not be passed on to other agencies